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Home Remedies for Bone Spur: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes & Removal

Home Remedies for Bone Spur: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes & Removal
Topic Contents:Bone Spur SymptomsCausesRemediesDietMore TreatmentsFAQs 4 Remedies suggested by our usersBack to Topadvertisement
Bone SpurTweetTweetEmail Bone Spur Treatments - more informationShortcut to Cure Shoulder Pain Bone Cancer Bone Marrow Bone Spur - Frequently asked questionsI fell a few years ago and turned my foot upside. Since then I have a bone spur (a bony bump) on top of my foot.Suggest remedies for the bone spur and make my feet and legs more flexible and prone to healing?
Ice packs and warm compress are very helpful in healing the inflammation cause due to bone...Question on bone spurs: can u have bone spurs on your legs
You can have bone spurs only at a joint where they (2 bones) rub together. So the parts of leg...Knee pain health advice: I was told today that I have a bone spur on my knee cap.Why do I have so much pain on the back of the knee
Knee pain health adviceBone spurs are protrusions that cause severe pain. The spur on the...Bone bump treatment: I have an extra bone in my foot which I broke sometime ago. I now have a rather hard bump near or on that bone which is becoming very sore to the touch. I wondered if it could be a bone spur?
Health Advice on Bone BumpYes, the hard bump near the bone can be a bone spur. A bone spur...Home remedies for nerve pain and broken ankle: Old broken ankle healed bad with extra bone growth causing nerve pain
Home remedies for nerve and broken ankle -Do formentation by putting foot till the ankle...4 Bone Spur remedies suggested by our usersHeel Bone Spursuggested by Dianeon Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Place a golfball on the floor and roll the heel of your foot over the golfball in a round and round motion 2 to 3 times a day and the spur will go away.Worked for me.
spine & neck tightnesssuggested by tanon Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Neck and back pains could be due to deficiencies in Magnesium, sometimes calcium & Vitamin D as well. Taking MgCl2; 10mgMg/Kg-bodyweight; 1 level teaspoon yields about 400mg Mg. 15-20 minutes bare skin under the sun yields about 1,000Iu VitD3. Foods such as fish liver oil & eggs contain Vitamin D. Calcium is found in foods such as yogurt, milk, bone broth, etc. but sometimes the amount is insufficient for people with extreme deficiency, taking it in the form of supplement maybe necessary, 1 level teaspoon yields 4g Calcium, Lactate 2-3g/day may be needed.
Diet remedysuggested by [unspecified]on Sunday, April 29, 2007
Start replacing the lost calcium.Eat a natural and easily aborbed form of calcium such as freshly ground hulled sesame seed tea (up to a tablespoon per cup of water. Can grind up using coffee grinder).You might want to start off with just a teaspoon as some people's stomach's get upset by raw sesame seed.Make sure to drink at least one cup of water 15-20 minutes after each.3-5 cups daily if calcium loss is bad.
Bone spursuggested by Jameson Thursday, June 22, 2006
see bone spur description DIET for bone spur; avoid phosphates and/or phosphoric acid found in soda and cola.

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